Another handsome straight guy has recently decided to come for much more foot-fetish work than just a plain photo casting (in which you could see him a few months ago). Adam is very good looking 20 years old student. At the same time he actively works for certain NGOs and he's ambitious youth community leader. I must admit - that kind of combination makes me really horny as generally you don't have too many chances to see a man like this working for the gay community in his spare time.

Fortunately, being a broken student who only takes some part-time jobs as a security caused that Adam contacted me asking for any opportunities to earn some quick money. Of course I was more than happy and soon I had this young activist on my table, stripped and barefoot, waiting for his first 'gay-oriented' activity. But the biggest surprise was when I took smelly socks of and touched Adam's big meaty bare feet for the very first time. Omg! I've never expected that young heterosexual man which spends all days with heavy boots on might have so incredibly smooth and sensitive feet! Hey, all tickling maniacs - you will love these heterosexual ticklish boy!


Age: 21      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.84 m/80 kg/45      Sexual orientation: heterosexual      Ticklish: extremely!