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Alek comes from Polish mountains but he has recently left his small village to study IT in the city. As you may suppose (and I think it's easy to see from his cute face) he is very intelligent and seriously thinking young straight man. It wasn't easy to convince him to subject much intense adult work than just a barefoot casting but fortunately money talks - so all parts of his extremely ticklish body are greatly shown in the high-res photo sets.

To be honest, it was a challenge to me to take some good close-ups of his most intimate parts. Alek's tight virgin hole is undoubtedly the tightest one I've seen. Also, he's probably one of the most ticklish models on the site! And last but not least - he is still completely out of money so if you have some private wishes regarding that cutie and you'd like to see him defiled, tickled, deflowered or you want to punish his incredibly tender feet in any extraordinary way - please feel free to contact me.


Age: 21      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.85 m/64 kg/41 EU      Sexual orientation: heterosexual      Ticklish: extremely!