This boy is simply amazing. As you know - I love young Polish footballers but Antek is more than a soccer player. He is really good student with many hobbies typical for a young guy - parties, kick-bixing, computer games and of course girls. However, he isn't too much experienced with a boy-girl sex, I even might say that he is still a virgin. But his young body and pulsing balls are constantly ready for fucking so it was the main reason that he decided to take a challenge of being a model for the gay audience. And I am sure that you won't be dissappointed!

Antek has a perfect teenage body - tall and slim but a little masculine. He has no problem with hard-on so I took a lot of photos of his erected teenage penis. He is still a virgin not only regarding sex with a girl - his boyhole has also never been touched so far. And this is the first task for me to be changed:)

And something about Antek's feet. They are simply amazing, smooth and extra ticklish but I discovered really interesting and surprising detail in them - this young boy has his two second toes connate! I think he's another my top model at the site.


Age: 18      Feet size: 43 EUR      Sexual orientation: Straight      Ticklish: a lot