This is Anthony - a goalkeeper in a junior football team from Krakow. Doesn't he remind you someone? Well, Anthony definitely is not a silent lamb! He has to make sure his team won't loose so he works hardly at their goal post. And that needs lots of energy and strength. This lad's thighs are big and strong. His frame is not that wide but large enough so when using his four limbs he lets no ball hit the target. But today his balls have become a target for us...

Anthony's arms and feet are his weak spots. We tickled his biceps, stimulated muscular inner thighs, poked his sides, teased his crotch and scratched sensitive soles. Although he literally works with his feet they are quite narrow with long toes. Nice arches support the entire body construction. And that's it- digging fingers into those curves makes him go crazy!!! Whipping them causes agony!!!

We also explored his tight virgin A-hole and massaged his prostate. This made him squirm and he thought he would wet himself. Then we told him to wank himself off but this poor boy got that tensed that he squeezed out only few drops of cum. In the end we won this game by revealing his tender spots and sites. Luckily for him the other football teams don't know it when he plays the game in a real life.


Age: 20      Feet size: 45 EUR/10.5 UK/11 US      Sexual orientation: straight      Ticklish: yes