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video added on 10th November 2019

Cute young boy shows off his awesome feet and tries to worship them with his own tongue!
Today Alek is sitting barefoot on the bed and exposes his ticklish feet for our pleasure:-) He definitely tries his best to show off every inch of these smooth soles. Soon Alek gets completely naked and starts playing with his sexy feet and slim boyish body. He has no problem with getting hard quickly and it looks he even enjoys it - just have a look at the rapid moves of his suckable toes!

This straight boy is incredibly ticklish everywhere but the most sensitive parts of Alek's body are undoubtedly his feet. So I can't resist the temptation to torment them a little. I play with his soles using my fingertips and Alek responses perfectly - still having a solid hard-on between his legs!

Next he must prove us how much flexible his body is. I want him to suck his toes on his own and it looks like this obedient boy doesn't mind it at all - he does his best to lick every single toe of both his feet and even tries to lick the sweaty spaces between them! Who knows, maybe he has just discovered that he has a some kind of foot fetish too?


Starring: Alek, Lukasz

Runtime: 18 minutes

1280 x 720

SD: 338 MB    HD: 1.3 GB

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