video added on 19th October 2019

Second severe bastinado for teenage boy's tender feet!

A few months ago extra cute straight boy Daniel took part in his first foot punishment video and his awesome feet were mercilessly beaten for almost one hour. After all he told me it was extremely painful and there was no way he could ever agree on something like this again. But as they say - never say never...

Daniel has contacted me lately asking about any chance to earn some quick money again. He is about to finish his school and he has no money to buy even the cheapest suit, chic white shirt and elegant shoes for the pre-graduation ball. Initially I refused as I still remembered that this gorgeous young guy wasn't too easy to work with. However, he was begging me so truly and warmly that at last I agreed to take him back. But only on one important condition - I want to torture his sensitive feet once again and this time it must be even harder!

I prepared a special torture desk that Daniel must be placed on - shirtless and barefoot. His very smooth soles are perfectly shown off so you can enjoy really great view from the very beginning. I use strong ropes to strap his legs down. And to make Daniel more unable to move I also strongly tie his big toes to the torture desk. In that way cute boy's feet are perfectly exposed and ready for a hard punishment.

I start beating his soles with a long bamboo stick. Daniel suffers a lot with every single hit but soon I take another hurting tool - large wooden spoon. Poor boy is not only moaning desperately but he even starts crying his heart out! But of course I don't care and hard foot punishment continues. Daniel's eyes are full of fear when I decide to change the tool. Next his sore purple soles are mercilessly flogged with a very special tool - silicon spatula. Frightened boy is trying to protect his tender feet from a hard beating but poor victim is aware that this punishment is inevitable and he has to try to hold it on to the end. And of course last part must be the worst so I take a piece of plastic garden hose (!) to finish with these warm sweaty feet of a poor straight boy. I hope Daniel will enjoy his pre-graduation ball but I have some serious doubts he might be able to dance.


Starring: Daniel K, Lukasz

Runtime: 16 minutes

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