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PART 1 - video added on 25th September 2018

Warning! This video contains a lot of really painful and authentic corporal punishment scenes. It's not suitable for tenderhearted.

In spite his perfectly shaped feet are extremely sensitive, poor boy Daniel will take the most severe and the longest bastinado I've ever done!

I have no doubts that it's not only the best foot-fetish clip directed and recorded by me but it's gonna be the best foot punishment video that has been published anywhere in the Internet so far. For The first time I have such a gorgeous blond straight boy, 20 years-old Daniel who is willing to have his perfectly shaped and extremely sensitive feet harshly punished in every possible way. They will be tortured for 60 minutes with no break and no mercy until Daniel's smiling eyes become completely wet with his authentic boyish tears.

The reason why this cute sporty guy decided to take part in making this video was easy - quick money. I might even say he was begging to have an opportunity to come over for any kind of stuff for the site. However, there was the only one thing he couldn't accept - nothing related to gay sex or other erotic male-on-male contact. ' But when it comes to my feet, everything is acceptable, even if it's painful. I think I'm not a weak man and I don't have tender feet as I used to play football for many years' - Daniel explained.

What shall I add this perfect agreement? I may only suppose that in a few minutes of sitting on the punishment table, with both hands strongly tied up, mouth gagged with his own sweaty socks and bare feet connected to each other by his big toes forcibly tied up he could only dream of having sex with other man.


Starring: Daniel, Lukasz

Runtime: 23:47

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