video added on 24th August 2019

Young straight boy wants to get his 'sweaty' revenge for the severe foot beating he received previously!

Some time ago Daniel, only 18-years-old heterosexual schoolboy and real footballer had to display his smooth tender soles for a really long and extra humiliating bastinado. He was so scared and unexperienced (but at the same time, very low on funds) that he agreed to take part in that video on condition he might have his sunglasses on, to protect his anonymity.

Fortunately Daniel is back and that second shoot must be completely unmasked. It would be a sinful waste of real straight beauty not to record such a lovely boyish face! But I decided to give him a chance to enhance his recently broken pride and heterosexual masculinity. He can treat me like a real slave under his sweaty feet and I will have to clean them properly with my tongue (of course it's the first time when Daniel has any kind of male on male contact).

And that idea sounds great to this cute young boy. From the very beginning he visibly enjoys it all and looks like he's really curious how far he might go with foot domination. As you may see, Daniel is definitely heterosexual and soon he starts simply fucking my throat with his smelling toes. He even wants to insert entire foot into my mouth! He's also really talented footballer so visibly he cannot resist temptation to kick my head like a used and dirty soccer ball! However, I managed to clean his sweaty feet properly and I am sure Daniel finally enjoys taking part in foot-fetish videos. Undoubtedly this time he gets his sweet revenge but do you think that Daniel's story is over?


Starring: Daniel K, Lukasz

Runtime: 11 minutes

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