video added on 28/10/2016

Personal trainer's feet must be fresh and clean!
How much time do you usually spend for cleaning your feet in the shower? Could you imagine how soft would be the skin on your soles if you'd kept the legs in a hot water for almost half an hour? Having this heterosexual personal trainer for my pleasure I had the only one main aim - to make his feet as soft and sensitive as only possible. After long walk in the fresh mud I decided to clean Rafal's feet on my own. I used a really hot and cold water and soaped them very properly. Next I started scratching his ticklish soles with a sharp brush including the sensitive spaces between his toes. Instead of using a towel, I decided to dry trainer's feet with a hair-dryer. Poor boy didn't like a really hot blowing air but only in that way I could prepare his vulnerable soles for another part of this softening procedure - long and severe bastinado...


Starring: Rafal, Lukasz

Runtime: 22 minutes

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