I'm sure you still remember this boy. Heterosexual and even a bit homophobic Daniel, 18-years-old was so broken last year that he decided to take part in the very long and extra severe foot spanking video - with a sunglasses on, as he was really afraid of his anonymity.

Fortunately for us, money isn't forever. Once again Daniel texted me asking for another chance to earn some quick cash. Of course there must be a chance for such a cute boy but only provided that today everyone will see not only these gorgeous ticklish feet but also he must show off his face and body - to the worldwide gay audience!

Undoubtedly Daniel is very handsome young boy. But at the same time his feet are simply amazing. I was worshipping, tickling, fucking and even beating them once again... I do really hope he will be again out of money really soon.


Age: 18      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.85 m/70 kg/44 EU      Sexual orientation: straight      Ticklish: incredibly!