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video added on 3rd January 2020

For the first time ever I used a horrific garden hose to punish tender feet of scared str8 boy...
Straight guy Alek is not only really cute Polish student but at the same time -he's a young man of a very good heart. As he told me, a few days before we were shooting him he decided to take part in a long-distance charity marathon to collect some money for his seriously ill best friend. The only condition to be awarded and get financial help and support that brilliant idea is to run that marathon quickly enough and achieve at least top ten position on the final list.

Sadly, Alek was not only in the first ten but he got horrible 61th place. It means, he was the second runner counting from the bottom of the rank! When he was talking to me about that situation I told him that it was a real disaster and the worst thing he must be aware is that he simply disappointed a poor friend that was truly believed in Alek and was undoubtedly hoping to get some extra funds for a further treatment.

My decision was much faster than Alek's marathon's run. I blamed his feet for that awful result and in that case - his tender soles must be severely punished as the totally useless and disappointing thing. Poor boy is really aware of that situation and he agrees on having his feet beaten properly - with a strong hope they will run faster next time... So now Alek is stripped completely naked and tied up strongly with his ankles to the plain wooden table - this is going to be a very solid torture desk for him for the next 30 minutes. To show him my 'great mercy' I decided to let him choose three tools that his feet will be tortured with. The only my obligatory condition is that in the end of entire procedure I want to use a horrific garden hose(!) to finish that long bastinado session. Obedient boy has nothing to say so he accepted it - and what's worse - he also chose the worst possible another items for foot beating! ('excuse me, Alek - it was all your decision...')

Firstly, his nicely exposed soles are beaten with a wide wooden spoon. Sure it hurts a lot but I want to keep my bigger strength for another part of Alek's bastinado punishment. Scared boy is dancing on the table in a foot-pain agony and he tries to protect his naked balls with his hand - knowing that from time to time I want to give him a proper slap also on his tender genitals. When Alek gets enough he asks me for some massage of his sore soles - okay, no problem! I have a triple pin-wheel on me to bring him some unexpected relief after hard spanking of his soles! Do you think Alek likes pin-wheel massage?

Oh, I am writing that video description while I'm watching it. And it's going to be very long story - just after seeing the first minutes. So let's go to the clue. Bad runner's feet are tortured for a very long time. Next I take a plastic spoon but in the meantime Alek can always count on my relaxing pin-wheel massage;-) Anyway, the worst is still ahead of that cute heterosexual boy. In spite of his good heart, Alek's feet must be punished harshly - until he starts crying. And I got it - enough to use some horrific silicon tools. I am more than sure he will run much faster after that foot torture shooting.


Starring: Alek, Lukasz

Runtime: 24 minutes

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