As I wrote in the description of the previous 'casting audition' a few weeks ago I took a chance and invited my best friend for the full-foot fetish shoot. I know Dingo a lot so I was almost sure that with such a tolerant and open-minded attitude it couldn't be a problem to him to show the best assets not only for a hundreds of naive girls from our city. And fortunately, I was right!

He comes from quite wealthy family but he fell out with both his divorced parents some time ago and since then he must live off himself. He used to work as a waiter in the Italian restaurant (where I met him for the first time) but it wasn't the steady job. And Dingo had some important reasons to find something more stable. Two years ago this young and constantly horny handsome guy became a fresh lucky father. It's amazing how the paternity can convert a crazy unripe guy into the real mature man. But to be honest, I like these changes of my best friend's character. Because the most important personality feature remains the same - Dingo is the most active lady-killer I have ever met (probably a fucker too!).

You may notice in some private pics on the left below that this handsome young guy spends his free time not only on having a sex with some girls. Dingo loves motorbikes and I can tell he's even a really good rally racer! I think we should do a foot-fetish photo set in a full rally jumpsuit but with no socks, it would be great. And for sure we have to make some tickling videos as this gorgeous tattooed jock is INCREDIBLY ticklish!


Age: 24      Feet size: 42 EUR/8.5 UK/8 US      Sexual orientation: Straight      Ticklish: incredibly(!)