video added on 16/09/2016

Straight football player has his feet intensively pleasured and tickled!
Cute boy Kolya is so straight and ingenuous boy that he didn't even think there could be something gay in the intensive feet massage. This young footballer was constantly smiling and really enjoying it when I was manually pleasuring his tender feet. At the beginning he was sitting on the table completely barefoot with the warm smelly cleats next to him. Kolya was straightening out his strong talented legs when I dosed a bit of massage oil on the boy's sensitives soles. As a result, Kolya became much more ticklish so I decided to use my finger-tips to torment these awesome feet! Ukrainian footballer loves being tickled but I gave him a break and wanted to see this cute boy massaging well-oiled feet on his own. Kolya passed this interesting exam perfectly so I told him to put bare feet up in the air to give us a perfect view of his smooth and lickable soles and suckable compact toes. To sum up, it was a great time and I am sure we both enjoyed this massage a lot! :)


Starring: Kolya, Lukasz

Runtime: 14 minutes

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