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video added on 21st April 2020

Young tough guy must be harshly punished for his homophobic attitude!
Big straight boy Tadek is probably the most homophobic guy I've ever worked with. As you may suppose, knowing how much out of money he is I perfectly knew what the next video with him would be. Honestly, I want to have a total revenge for all his impolite or even agressive comments that he's recently posted on his FB, especially regarding LGBT society in Poland.

Today I'm going to see him truly suffering a lot and simply screaming with pain. That's the only way that straight homophobic boys should be treated. In a few minutes Tadek's naked ass becomes painfully purple and his eyes are full of fear and authentic panic.

This is the hardest spanking video I've ever made. And bad news for Tadek - it's been only the first level of his horrific punishment! What about torturing his big tender feet next?


Starring: Tadek, Lukasz

Runtime: 28 minutes

1280 x 720

HD: 689 MB

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