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video added on 5th April 2020

Big feet and meaty ass must be properly cleaned!
Tadek is a big tough straight guy who is also even a homophobic one. He has never done any kind of adult work and today it's the first time he must get completely naked in front of the other men. What's more, this is going to be a very humiliating video, even though it all is definitely new to him.

Young big boy comes to a bathroom, takes all his clothes off and jumps into the bath. He starts cleaning his body paying special attention to these huge meaty feet. Tadek raises his legs up so his wide smooth soles are greatly exposed. He soaps every inch of them including all spaces between his toes. I am sure that until today this straight guy has never been cleaning his feet for so long! Next he starts playing with his cock just to get ready for another part of that humiliating procedure - a deep and intense anal cleaning!

So now Tadek is on all his fours with that meaty ass perfectly displayed. I fill his heterosexual virgin anus with a lot of water until he feels being completely full. To clean his butthole even more I regularly penetrate it very deeply using a sharp enema tool. Next Tadek is told to spill all that dirty water out spraying it like a fountain all over his dangling balls and stretched feet.


Starring: Tadek, Lukasz

Runtime: 24 minutes

1280 x 720

SD: 285 MB    HD: 1.10 GB

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