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Sensitive feet of young Polish waiter must be tortured until he cries!
During my last time spent for shooting that handsome young Polish waiter I asked him for serving me a light wine in a professional way. It was a big disappointment when Karol couldn't even open a bottle! So the very severe punishment must be inevitable.

Soon this poor 21-years old is stripped completely naked and waits for another part of very sophisticated torments. If he wasn't able to fill up a glass with a good wine I want to see that glass completely filled to the brim with… his completely hard waiter's dick! When I finally see a light wine full of heterosexual genitals I start tickling his chest - young waiter is incredibly ticklish all over his muscled body but he can't even think about taking that glass out of his sensitive cock and balls. But it's only the beginning of my kinky punishment procedure. Next I take his both sweaty black socks and put them straight into Karol's moaning mouth. I also use a piece of sticky tape to 'help' him with keeping these socks in that most proper place - deeply into frightened boy's throat! He is trying to say something to me but as a reply he gets some strong face beating with his own shiny shoes.

Another idea is to check how strong and steady his waiter's arms are. Poor boy must keep both of his shoes in the hands wide open - in an eagle position. I also put two wine glasses into those shoes and Karol is warned that his punishment will be even worse if he cannot keep it steady and drop even one glass on the floor. Of course that naive idiot can't keep that position for 5 minutes with no break and I notice that he's even trying to cheat me so I decide to torture the soles of his waiter's feet in the most painful way. I want to do the most severe bastinado ever using Karol's own leather belt. In a few seconds I see real tears on his scared sweaty face...


Starring: Karol, Lukasz

Runtime: 14 minutes

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