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video added on 6th July 2020

Young straight guy defiled with two dildos - at the same time!!!
After long and intense enema Tadek's anus should be perfectly clean so it's the best time to play with big boy's arsehole in a very painful, hard way.

Straight guy is sitting obediently on the edge of couch only with his shorts on. I start touching Tadek's genitals and at the same time I take his slippers off. Soon this boy is placed in a very humiliating position - his shorts are removed and with legs up we can see his bare feet and virgin boyhole on a full display.

With a bit of lube I put my finger deeply into Tadek's tight anus. Soon this poor straight guy is penetrated with two fingers at the same time. When his sphincter is nicely stretched I take a big anal plug and with some efforts it must be fully inserted in Tadek's anus. Anyway, the worst is still ahead of him. I take another dildo and put it forcibly in that sore sphincter, which still is harshly pegged with the first torture tool! This is the first time ever I've deflowered straight boy's arsehole with two dildos, inserted to the full!

Next I spank Tadek's pegged ass severely, to make sure that both plugs penetrate him as deeply as possible. When I decide to take them out I notice that poor boy uncontrollably release some dirty enema water. To humiliate him even more I also spank his very sensitive balls. All emotions of mercilessly deflowered Tadek are clearly written on his face and on his feet with these toes curling up with pain!


Starring: Tadek, Lukasz

Runtime: 18 minutes

1280 x 720

HD: 887 MB

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