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video added on 15th September 2020

Handsome str8 guy really enjoys having his sexy feet worshipped!
Finally that handsome straight boy can take his revenge for all those painful foot tortures he's been receiving from me recently. Well, Isaac probably thinks that it's kind of real punishment forcing me to suck his toes and lick his smelly soles but as you may expect - I could do it for hours!

This is simply awesome video. I think that after a few initial minutes while Isaac was a bit shy quickly we both started enjoying the roles we were playing. Very sexy young guy Isaac has amazing feet which are truly created to be worshipped. So today I do everything to caress them - including licking, sucking, kissing every inch of Isaac's feet. Judging by his bulging pants, I think he enjoys it as well. What a surprise from a straight and unexperienced guy!


Starring: Isaac, Lukasz

Runtime: 22 minutes

1280 x 720

    HD: 688 MB

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