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video added on 21st March 2020

On these hard days, not only hands must be properly disinfected!
I have no doubts that straight student Isaac is one of the most handsome guys I've ever seen in front of my camera. His feet are simply perfect, huge and kept in well condition but I decided to prepare them for some further action making a very proper and accurate pedicure. Today Isaac is told to get barefoot and expose his feet greatly - I want to pay special attention on his ticklish soles and suckable toes.

Isaac is 100% heterosexual guy but in this kinky video you can see him having the first pleasure given from another man. Honestly, I could never suppose that he would like having his feet pedicured so much. Seeing his smiling face, I want not only to clean Isaac's feet but also tickle and worship them. All the reactions of that boy - are simply amazing! To sum up - we can see young straight boy's feet perfectly softened and perfectly prepared for some other stuff.


Starring: Isaac, Lukasz

Runtime: 28 minutes

1280 x 720

SD: 309 MB    HD: 1.41 GB

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