video added on 24th February 2018

Straight boy Karol gets unbelievably painful feet punishment!
When we think about boys' feet torture videos there are usually two different kinds of this content. The first group is just a fake - tormented boy is screaming loudly and wants to show the pain on his face but it's not real and all the models are always only pretend to be a suffering victim. On the other hand, there are also some real-pain videos with an authentic tortures but generally the slaves are extremely gay-oriented and they just feel a real pleasure whilst being humiliated and tormented. To be honest, I don't like any of those clips. They don't get me horny at all. But I obviously love watching (and making!) real torture videos with young boys. But there are three very important rules. All the guys have to be completely heterosexual. All the tortures must be authentic and the pain - unbearable. And last but not least - no one of tormented guys can't feel any kind of pleasure during the action, they must be truly in a real hell.

There are no doubts that this awesome new bastinado video is the hardest foot torture clip that you can find in the Internet. Young Polish swimmer Karol wanted to earn some quick money again but as you could see - we've done a lot of different videos with him before so I told him that it could be pointless and not cost-effective. The only idea is to record the most severe bastinado video ever. With no breaks, with no mercy. And surprisingly, after a short hesitation, Karol said: 'I will do it'.

At the beginning, I ask cute 19yrs swimmer to visit his doctor and bring me his actual medical results. I want to be sure that this straight victim is in a good health condition and with no heart or blood pressure problems. Seeing that everything is okay, the worst 20 minutes of his teenage life is impossible to avoid now. Karol is stripped naked and I take off his smelly black socks to gag his mouth. I start beating these wide sensitive feet with a leather belt trying to focus on the most sensitive center parts of them. Poor boy is feeling it well and he is moaning and howling desperately. But it's just the first part. I take another tool to spank scared boy's feet. Unfortunately for him, that material belt is ended with a metal buckle. Wow, Karol is screaming and crying but the beating continues, strongly and quickly. To make him suffering even more, I start tickling his purple soles but it's not a pleasure at all, even if he's laughing a little. Of course I prepared another great tools to torture Karol's feet again - plastic and silicon spoons.

Young swimmer was warned that there are no breaks that he can bargain on. The only few seconds for a deep breath he has when I go to change a torture too. So I finally bring another one - tough wooden stick. And to bump up this horrible pain before beating I also apply a lot of cold water on these sore soles of Karol. Welcome to the Middle East from the middle ages, poor Polish boy...


Starring: Karol, Lukasz

Runtime: 19 minutes

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