A few weeks ago I received a really nice e-mail from a young Polish footballer playing in a small-town team. He asked me about the possibility of taking part in a professional fashion and glamour photo shooting. I noticed that this cute teenage boy really wants to have some good pics to promote himself not only as a good soccer player but also to earn some quick money in a modelling. Of course I immediately invited Janek for his first casting but I did my best and successfully convinced him to be another foot-fetish model as well.

To be honest, I've never met so shy and reticent young guy. I was trying hard to talk with him a little during a shooting but the only topics he's interested in are football and money. Well, fortunately that's obviously enough for us, I think. Janek is not too tall but he has a really nice sporty body with a smooth chest and very strong legs. As he is a good footballer, Janek's feet are talented and simply gorgeous. Soft and sensitive, with a perfect skin and beautiful boyish toes… These teenage feet are quite meaty so they look bigger than they really are.

When I noticed that his soles are extremely ticklish and tender I decided to offer him taking part also in some intensive and a little painful foot-fetish videos. Tickling with pin-wheel, bastinado and pedicure - I'm not very sure whether it was exactly the same what Janek thought about 'professional modelling'. But he did it well so I hope he'll be back soon for some more erotic work for us.


Age: 18      Feet size: 41 EUR/7.5 UK/8.5 US      Sexual orientation: Straight      Ticklish: a lot