I can't believe how many cute young footballers in Poland are playing on the pitch everyday. When I decided to run this website six years ago I thought it wouldn't be a problem to ask some of them to take part in the foot-fetish shoot. In my opinion, it's just to take off the socks and present the feet for my camera!:) However, I quickly realized that the football players in my country are one of the most closed and hermetic social group. And even if the money really matters, sometimes you cannot convince the real teenage soccer player to get fully undressed and be photographed for a gay website, just offering him some extra cash. But when you finally manage to do it, you can be more than sure to see perfectly shaped, masculine young male body, boyish smile, beautiful eyes and last but not least - gorgeous sensitive male feet!
This is exactly what I saw when another cute boy came for the shoot straight from the football pitch. A little shy and naive, Julek was trying to fight his begining embarrassment and shame of being naked using his best weapon - non-stop smiling attitude:) That's good to know that my another model loves laughing - let's wait to watch him having his footballer's soles tickled!

And to sum up - when you are staying in the good relations with a football player you can always tell him to invite one of the cutest friends from his team to come for the footplay together!

I have just added a huge photo set with Julek and his best friend from the early childhood - Przemek. This young innocent boy is incredibly shy about showing his teenage body but with such a great ticklish feet he must be a winner. And they look even better when the're exposing the bare feet together! There are almost 200 extra high-res photos in the gallery. And please don't hesitate to let me know if you want to see Przemek exploited much more in the future:)


Age: 19      Feet size: 43 EUR/8.2 UK/8.7 US      Sexual orientation: Straight      Ticklish: yes