video added on 20th July 2017

Handsome swimmer is tickled with no mercy!
Karol is a really nice 19 years old student from my city. He works as a waiter in a very posh restaurant in a center but he also trains swimming professionally. His body is not a teenage at all - wide chest, strong arms and muscular manly legs. At the first sight everyone could think he's made of steel but there is a really weak point of Karol. This boy is extremely ticklish, almost everywhere.

What should be better than having young heterosexual swimmer with only his tight speedos on and waiting for an intensive tickling? Karol reacts in a really nice way, he's not begging to stop, I think he is trying to take it like a pleasure. But sometimes you can hear him screaming a little as some parts of his sexy body are extremely sensitive. When my friend tickle his soles, ribs and armpits Karol is in a real agony.


Starring: Karol, Wojtek

Runtime: 26 minutes

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