To be honest, I got mixed feelings concerning our neighbour from the East - Ukraine. This beautiful big country is abounded with the amazing landscapes, tasty national dishes and great music that can be heard everywhere. But what I simply love is the pure and fresh male BEAUTY you can notice when watching at almost every young Ukrainian guy. Such a shame, there is also something that must be changed in these boys' mentality. This is their horrible attitude to the gay issue... Living in the traditional society and spending all two years in the army - it all developed too much of homophobic feedback.
On a happier subject, a lot of young boys from Ukraine have recently moved to Poland to find the better conditions of life here. And they must learn really quickly how to accept and cooperate with the gay men too, especially when straight Ukrainians are looking for some part-time job. Sometimes they have a lot to offer - young masculine body, beautiful face with amazing eyes and gorgeous feet - smooth and sensitive but never touched by the other man's hands... so far.

Please welcome my another treasure from Ukraine - cute boy Kolya is an authentic football player and, fortunately, talented enough to play professionally also here in Poland. To play also in a gay-role... ;-)


Age: 20      Feet size: 44 EUR/8.4 UK/8.9 US      Sexual orientation: Straight      Ticklish: yes