video added on 10th August 2017

Extra virgin feet tickled with an extra virgin olive oil!
I discovered that Karol is the most ticklish boy I’ve ever met. Quickly I offered him taking part in a ‘tickling test’ video. Naive Karol immediately agreed but he completely didn’t know that I was going to tickle him as hardly as it’s only possible. Of course at the beginning I tied poor boy’s legs to the table extra strongly to have his feet on a full display, totally immobilized. I told him to take off a t-shirt as I also wanted to torment his belly and armpits. And it was amazing – since the very first seconds of touching 19yrs Polish swimmer was extremely ticklish and laughing constantly, begging for mercy.

He was warned that this testing video must be not less than 20 minutes and the tickling has to be extremely intensive so I decided to use a lot of tools to torment Karol’s soles: pin-wheel, hair brush and even a kitchen grater! But the worst moments for poor ticklish boy were at the end – I lubed his soles with an olive oil and start tickling these responsive feet even harder, also with many tools!


Starring: Karol, Lukasz

Runtime: 17 minutes

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