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Unexperienced str8 boy's feet mercilessly tickled!
Denis is a young straight student with great body and handsome face. As he needs to earn as much as possible he must take part not only in naked shooting (including many close-ups of his virgin boyhole - that has been already added) but we also want to record all emotions of him while playing with his hot young body.

Poor boy has recently received a really hard bastinado but today it must be extended. As Denis' feet are very tender and responsive this is the best time to torment them with a very long and intense tickling tortures.

Denis is strongly tied up to a chair only with his socks and shorts on. Soon the all are removed and we start checking entire Denis' body to find the most ticklish spots. Soles - of course, they are greatly reactive! So we both continue tickling poor boy's feet with our fingertips, paying special attention also to his chest, ribs and armpits. I also spray a lot of water on his soles to make our tickling tortures even more intense! Young Denis obviously doesn't like it but the only relief we have for him is to scrub his tender feet with a wide plastic brush!

Next, his sensitive soles are tormented with a triple pin-wheel. Another dose of water is applied on his feet and we both focus on torturing them with two triple pin-wheels at the same time. In spite of his agony, Denis is greatly aware he must stand it to the end - even though he desperately tries to lift up heavy armchair to say us he wants to stop it!


Starring: Denis, Lukasz, Wojtek

Runtime: 32 minutes

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