Handsome heterosexual guy Marcin took part in his first barefoot casting a few months ago. Finally he's back for more 'advanced' work for us - I only hope he won't run away in the middle of my quite kinky script I prepared for this desperate young father and newly married hubby.

As you can judge by these bright eyes Marcin is a very intelligent, well-bred young man. Nonetheless, also this time he is quite shy and not very talkative. For some reasons that male mystery of an authentic broken husband makes me really horny and I simply must be a bit patient. I know that with so tight virgin manhole and such a ticklish feet sooner or later he will have to make some moaning and laughing noise!

At the beginning I am interested in seeing every inch of his nicely built naked body. It's not comfortable situation for a young straight man to show off the most intimate parts of him in so many humiliating positions but I want to take the most detailed high-res photos ever. That's such a perfect view to see real father's virgin hole strongly stretched by his own trembling hands - of course with a nice gold ring on one of his hard working fingers!


Age: 29      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.78 m/73 kg/43      Sexual orientation: heterosexual (married)      Ticklish: extremely!