This is the very first time when I decided to ask one of my best friend, totally heterosexual young father, for being the another foot-fetish model for my website. We know each other very well and Dingo admitted me one day that his girlfriend often abuses HIS FEET in a bed as he is incredibly ticklish all over his smooth masculine body, mostly on the soles. My proposal could be the end of our long friendship but lucky me - Dingo wants to try his hand at being a professional foot-fetish and gay-tickling model!


Having this heterosexual personal trainer Rafal for my pleasure I had the only one main aim - to make his feet as soft and sensitive as only possible. After long walk in the fresh mud I decided to clean Rafal's feet on my own. I used a really hot and cold water and soaped them very properly. Next I started scratching his ticklish soles with a sharp brush including the sensitive spaces between his toes. Instead of using a towel, I decided to dry trainer's feet with a hair-dryer. Poor boy didn't like a really hot blowing air... GET FULL 22-MINUTE VIDEO HERE.


I invited this straight personal trainer Rafal for a full photo shoot a few weeks ago but he confessed his feet were not pretty enough so he wanted to ask his girlfriend, who is working as a cosmetic assistant, to prepare them in the way we require. Nevertheless, it was his own and stupid idea - everything what's related to the models' feet is up to me and I wanted to do a pedicure for Rafal on my own. So I told him to take the socks off and go out, on the building place. This obedient guy came with extremely dirty feet, with a lot of mud between his pedicured toes trying to smile but being aware that we have already profaned his girlfriend's work...


A friend of mine who is running the restaurant in my city has asked me recently for help with finding some staff for her business. Andriy wanted to work as a waiter but without perfect language skills there's no other job for him like cleaning... But he is a really handsome young guy with a little sad eyes and slim, nicely shaped body so I asked him whether he wants to become a model. What suprised me - he instantly agreed even when I told him that the first task is to show me his bare feet in MANY POSITIONS! Do you like these cleaner's feet? ;-)


In spite of his young age, Kolya is one of the best players in his team. I really love young footballers but this boy is simply amazing - such a great combination of perfect teenage body, masculine and very HAIRY legs, ticklish feet together with a naive and still boyish face. As you will see, this is simply a superb model so I also decided to give a pervy massage to his talented young feet!



Straight Boy Tickled




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