It's hard to believe but there are no reasons I should cry for the holidays that has just ended. As I live and work in a city which is one of the biggest university centers in Poland I am simply used to crowded shops, restaurants, buses, streets, etc. There is no chance to survive here if you don't accept all aspects of the student's life next to you every day. However, all those places which are normally full of noisy students (for the last two or three years thousands of them came from our neighbor Ukraine) in the summertime are just an empty desert.

When it comes to my work, there is one really important value of living in a city congested with students. It's much easier to find a good-looking young guy to invite him for a shoots on that site when there are many students around. Surprisingly, this year I've been lucky in hunting even in the holiday time. A few weeks ago I met Mikolaj - a cute 18 years old straight boy, devoted biker and downhill rider. He had been employed in a local supermarket just a few days earlier and it looked like he was a part-time worker who just wanted to earn some money for the rest of his vacation. It was easy to convince him to come for being a foot-fetish model even though he's never heard about that issue before.


Age: 18      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.76 m/61 kg/42      Sexual orientation: Straight but still a virgin:)      Ticklish: a little