Some time ago I started chatting with Milosz, a young professional footballer. He is 19 and surprisingly from the very beginning he was a bit interested in earning fast money also with using his feet but this time - not exactly by kicking the ball. What's interesting, he admitted that everything that is related to the feet should be accepted and usual to an every single soccer player. I have never supposed that a straight masculine jock like Milosz could think in such a 'straight' way! I was amazed even more when he suggested to come over for the first audition shoot together with Brian - his best friend from the same football team. When he sent me some of their joint amateur photos from the changing room - I perfectly knew that these heroes were born to have their feet worked out not only in the pitch!

You've already met Brian and I know that you love his cute face with sad nostalgic eyes and simply amazing feet. This is the time to meet his best friend Milosz. A really nice guy, 19 years old, really tall and perfectly built. Regarding football skills, he's probably even more talented than his smaller mate. A few months ago Milosz decided to start going to the gym regularly and the results are great. You can admire his perfect body, wide arms and chiseled six-pack. And of course you will fall in love with this strong legs. Young footballer admits that after putting on weight a few kilos more he is not so fast in the pitch as he used to be but now he's so strong and muscular than other players don't even try to fight for a ball with him.

And now something about these talented feet. Milosz shoots many goals for his football team and I am sure that there must be a proper award also for his feet. I will do my best to show him what does 'feet worshipping' mean. In my opinion, everything in them is 100% perfect: big size, smooth and soft skin on the soles, extra long toes with nails in good condition. Simply the best feet in the pitch!


Age: 19      Height/Weight/Feet size: 189cm/85kg/46 EUR      Sexual orientation: Straight      Ticklish: a little     

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