Rush of adrenaline this time on PolishBoysFeet! Catching the guys from the public who have never done modelling can be a risky business. You never know who is going to walk through your door. In general Poland becomes safer and safer place even for naughty gays like me but you can still find an arrogant bloke almost in every street corner. Therefore I always require everyone to send me a picture first. From a little snapshot and typically short letter I have to decide who I want to come in for an interview and barefoot shoot. The main principle is: the more tough and angry a boy is, the more horny I am! Of course it can make that I will be in trouble one day but the thrill is part of the pleasure for me :-)

Pavel is definitely one of those silent types. During the interview he proudly announced that he was even imprison for 3 months because was throwing bricks and stones against Gay Parade in Poland! But he is constantly out of money and has a lot of bills to pay so in spite of his male homophobic pride, I filmed Pavel barefoot and completely naked in my audition room. Please have a look at his two heavy, low hanging balls! That's the way homophobic tough guys should be treated!


Age: 20      Feet size: 44 EUR      Sexual orientation: Definitely straight      Ticklish: yes