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Handsome authentic waiter takes severe punishment for servicing me not quickly enough!
Handsome straight boy Karol, 21 years old is not only good student who trains triathlon and swimming every day. He also works as a professional waiter in one of the best restaurants in the city. I invited him for a naked and foot-fetish shooting and I was nicely amazed when he came straight from a job, very smartly dressed with his shiny shoes and smelly black socks on. After taking some initial photos I told him to put out his massive thick cock and start masturbating. Poor boy quickly got a hard on but he didn't expect what would happen next...

When I saw how elegant he was I decided to use all those nobby stuff to punish handsome waiter's body and feet in a proper and quite sophisticated way - for the service not quick enough last time. I tied up strongly Karol's hard cock and balls and started beating his genitals painfully using his own neck-tie. Obedient waiter was moaning and screaming loudly so I ordered him to keep own smelly shoe with his grimacing lips. I also took off sweaty black socks and put them into Karol's salivating mouth. With these extremely tender bare feet perfectly exposed I couldn't resist torturing them with intense tickling - of course he had to keep heavy shoes and smelly socks in his moaning mouth!

The worst was still ahead of crying waiter. Knowing how sensitive are Karol's balls and dick I took both of his shining shoes and started smashing poor boy's genitals using hard soles of his elegant shoes! When my sluggish heterosexual slut was in a painful agony I decided to give him one more severe lesson. What a nice thin leather belt he wears to that job! I was sure that after severe spanking these tender balls, meaty ass and ticklish soles of waiter's feet he must be much quicker while servicing me next time.


Starring: Karol, Lukasz

Runtime: 27 minutes

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