video added on 13th July 2019

Polish basketball player is punished mercilessly with horrific caning the most sensitive parts of his naked trembling body - feet, butt and genitals! He loses control quickly - in an extra humiliating way...I recorded it all!

Tymon is a straight sporty boy from the mountains (he is 195 cm height, 85 kg weight, 46.5 EU shoe size). In spite of being very tall and well-built this young basketball player is very nervous and quite embarrassed from the very beginning of his first shooting. But he isn't completely aware that posing totally naked and being made to lick his own smelly feet is just the beginning of that extremely humiliating working day.

Next thing I decided to do with him is to punish his ass and feet in the most cruel way that any heterosexual young man can only imagine. Tymon is stripped naked from the very beginning of this video. Scared player is told to jump on two plain stools and stay on all his fours so I have his hefty manly butt nicely exposed. I immediately start caning Tymon's sensitive arse cheeks - for the first time I use only one torture tool - probably the worst one that could be, if only Tymon could decide... This time poor boy is being punished with a long elastic bamboo stick! He is more and more frightened with every single whip. To make him suffer this punishment procedure even more straight trembling guy mustn't move even for inch. My aim is to see visible marks left on his extra tender bum! And of course I get it quite soon;-)

Well, I've never expected before making that crazy video that such a brave and sporty straight man could completely lose control when it comes both to the mental fear and physical pain. Surprisingly I notice that he is just about… to poop! What a great and funny feedback from a sporty heterosexual young man. It looks that he suffers seriously. But I don't mind, to be honest. To show him my 'compassion' I order him to take another unpleasant (better say - degrading and humiliating to the maximum) position - he must lay back with his strong muscled legs up in the air and that dirty arsehole perfectly exposed. In that way I have full access to his very large and incredibly sensitive meaty feet. Another whips are dedicated especially for them - lucky for us, they also soon become visibly covered with some purple marks. Poor basketball player keeps on begging for mercy but instead of that he has to experience another special tool I prepared for his sore soles - a professional triple pin-wheel!

Warning! This is probably one of the hardest punishment I've ever done to straight amateur guy. I decided not to cut out that 'dirty ass' part as it perfectly shows the real Tymon's feedback to his physical pain and how much he's afraid what will happen next. But if you are not into watching such a kind of specific stuff - please remember to pass by this video from 7:40 to 9:30.


Starring: Tymon, Lukasz

Runtime: 17 minutes

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