HD video added on 20th February 2020

Young handsome man has his big feet mercilessly beaten!
I think that Isaac is one of the most handsome men I've ever had as a model on the site. He comes from a small town in the eastern Poland and with his close-minded attitude to the gay issue - I've never supposed he might be willing to do anything but barefoot photo shooting. What a great surprise - today Isaac is back and ready to expose his big tender feet for a hard bastinado punishment!

Sexy young student is sitting barefoot on a plain wooden table with his big feet perfectly displayed. I start spanking Isaac's soles with a wooden spoon mercilessly. You can see how much it hurts on his scared face. Isaac keeps on smiling but soon I take another painful tool to torture his feet even harder - a tough roll from a paper towel. And this is the moment when he stops being joyful. Young man has no other option than crushing a piece of paper in a painful agony while his exposed sensitive soles are strongly beaten.

Next I decide to show him what the real foot torture means. I spray a lot of cold water on his sexy feet and start torturing them with a sharp triple pin-wheel. Poor guy has nothing to say but the most popular Polish word 'kurwa' (fuck!) Sure I completely do not care of it and... I change the tool. Isaac must be taken to the real foot-pain agony. Therefore I start beating his warm soles with a short silicon stick. Soon I can see that handsome male face covered with authentic tears… I think I've already found the most painful tool to torture heterosexual guys' feet in the future. I'm so happy I've just checked it on the feet of such a handsome straight guy as Isaac.


Starring: Isaac, Lukasz

Runtime: 22 minutes

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