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video added on 5th October 2019

Young cute boy stripped naked and tickled with no mercy in a very embarrassing position!
Straight boy Alek is 21-years-old student from a small town in the Polish mountains. In spite of fact that he is very friendly and has a great attitude to my outstanding kinkiness today I have really bad news for this cute slim boy. He's going to experience some tickling tortures for the first time in his life and what's more - he will be not only disabled in a very uncomfortable position but also his stretched naked body and bare feet will be tickled by four male hands at the same time!

From the beginning poor Alek is completely naked only with his own black slides on bare feet. He is instantly told to jump on a solid wooden table with arms up and legs widely straddled. I tie up Alek's wrists and ankles properly with strong ropes so this straight naked boy is greatly exposed in a humiliating spread-eagled position. He tries to keep calm and stay relaxed but judging from his cute face Alek is really scared what we're about to do to him very soon...

We start tickling young slim stretched body with our fingertips paying special attention to his armpits, chest, belly and incredibly tender groins. Obedient boy is shaking on the table like a fish just taken out from the water but obviously our ropes are strong enough to keep his confronting body constantly immobilized. Soon I take off his 'dancing' slides and we both go down to tickle Alek's extremely sensitive soles. We use our fingers again but of course it cannot be enough - a wide variety of different tools has been prepared to torture Alek's feet and body even more! So poor spread-eagled naked boy is tickled and tormented with a toothbrush, fork, wide plastic brush and last but definitely not least - two triple pin-wheels. As you may suppose, Alek feels it greatly and he gives us a very interesting feedback.

Undoubtedly this cute straight student is a very ticklish guy - we discovered that he is extremely tender even around his neck and on his ears! After all, Alek confessed that it was a very interesting new experience for him and he didn't expect how sensitive could be every inch of his feet and body.

This full-length video contains two parts of recording. First, you can see Alek's entire body while being tickled whereas in the second part another camera is focused only on his perfectly displayed bare feet.


Starring: Alek, Lukasz, Wojtek

Runtime: 28 minutes

1280 x 720

SD: 394 MB    HD: 1.7 GB

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