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video added on 5th March 2020

Straight boy Alek has some very specific ticklish parts of his smooth slim body!
Some time ago cute straight boy Alek was mercilessly tickled naked in an eagle-spread position on a plain table. Knowing how extra ticklish this nice boy is we decided to make another tickling video with him and this time it must be even harder!

Today shy Polish student is once again stripped naked and placed on a wooden chaise longue with his sexy bare feet greatly exposed. I start tormenting sensitive soles of him while my friend, a very good tickler focuses mostly on the upper part of Alek's trembling body. Next we put Alek's arms up to pay a special attention to his very tender armpits, chest and belly. Alek is laughing a lot and he's constantly dancing in a tickling agony but we decided not to tie him up at all this time. In that way we can see his true, natural and very desperate reactions.

When this poor straight victim automatically moves his feet up we both start tickling his incredibly ticklish soles. Just have a look at these sexy toes moving rapidly with no control! To torment his feet even harder I start torturing them with a triple pin-wheel whilst Wojtek is teasing other foot with a tooth-brush.

Alek is a very friendly guy and all these reactions are 100% real so to be honest - we do really enjoy tickling his vulnerable naked body. What is very funny and interesting, this cute young student is extremely ticklish not only on his feet and chest but also... on a neck, ears and even on his nipples!

Sure we have to take advantage of that. Poor boy soon is taken to the REAL TICKLE HELL when we start playing with his greatly responsive neck, ticklish collarbones as well as his incredibly ticklish ears! Exhausted Alek keeps on begging us to stop ('Please stop it! I need to go to a toilet!') but of course we can't hear anything from his moaning mouth. Tormenting of that shaking naked body must be continued.

I think it's one of the most intense and crazy tickling video we've ever made with a straight naked boy. Hope you'll enjoy at least as we do!


Starring: Alek, Wojtek, Lukasz

Runtime: 19 minutes

1280 x 720

953 MB

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