video added on 20th August 2019

Young Polish boy cums on his elegant shoes and then he has to eat all his creamy spunk!
Karol is probably the most harshly tortured and the most humiliated boy in my collection (so far, let's say) but today it's a time to give him some pleasure. However, with a really unpredictable ending ;-)

'Last but not least, you have to wank yourself off and I want to see you're cumming. What's more - you must remember to shoot directly on your own elegant shiny shoe. One of the last tasks for you this evening is to lick it all and also you'll have to swallow everything what you're supposed to squish on the top of your wet shoe!'

As you may see, also in that case desperate and completely obedient Karol, so sadistically experienced before, succeed perfectly. Such a strange but still very happy meal for a handsome waiter! It looks as though he's not used to wasting the most valuable ingredients.


Starring: Karol

Runtime: 10 minutes

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