video added on 28th October 2019

Poor straight waiter Karol is made to finish his horrible shooting - in the worst and most humiliate action he's ever done!
This is the last and the most cruel part of my latest meeting with very handsome straight Polish waiter Karol. After giving him a very severe bastinado I went out on a balcony to smoke and rest a bit. Karol called me to come back and finish that crazy working evening.

'Okay, so the only few things that are obligatory for you to play with me tonight is a deep throat-fucking in front of camera, and you have to FACE it. Next I want you to pee directly into these shining Oxford shoes - oh, yes - you can use both of them if you feel you need to fill more than one shoe with your own urine. But remember then I want you to keep a mouth opened widely and next I will try to give you some generous pee drinks and you will have to swallow it all, if you want to get paid'.

Karol was so desperately broken and in urgent need of quick money that he quickly agreed on all my requirements. Unfortunately for this handsome scared boy, he was also ordered to open his mouth widely and that time I also wanted to fuck his heterosexual throat deeply with my erected cock - including some pleasant rimming action. Still I wonder what a straight boy can do just to earn some money - it always motivates me even more to broaden next models' horizons in the most kinky way.


Starring: Karol, Lukasz

Runtime: 14 minutes

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