I love not only tasty foot but also tasty food. I really like cooking and having dinner with my friends - it's one of the best way to spend some nice time in the evening. In spite of that sometimes I am simply too lazy to prepare something for eating, especially when I'm alone, just for myself. Then I usually order something with home delivery and it always has a very important advantage - I get a food provided by a really cute and usually very young boy!

Exactly in that way I found Szymek. He needs money. He is young, open-minded and really good-looking. So I must offer him a really good tip for his food delivery. The only condition is - to get undressed and expose that tight virgin hole as well as his big smelly feet. I decided not only to take a lot of close-up photos of his feet but also I wanted to deflower him in a very intense way. Are you interested in straight delivery boy's virgin hole penetrated with no mercy? I think I should order junk food more often.


Age: 19      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.87 m/75 kg/43 EU size      Sexual orientation: 100% heterosexual      Ticklish: quite a lot