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Shy teenage footballer didn't suppose he's got so ticklish feet!
Even though young Polish footballer Janek is a very shy straight boy he seems to be really proud of his skills in the pitch. He says he scores a goal in the almost every match he plays as he's got 'very strong and pain-resistant feet'. Well, I was so curious what he exactly meant that I told him that there's a really urgent need to record a new video with his bare feet perfectly exposed for a massage and then some 'easy and quick checking the reactivity on the soles'. And poor naive boy agreed...

18 years old Janek is sitting next to a table with his worn trainers and sweaty long socks on, straight after an exhausting training. Soon I take these dirty cleats off and we can see a pair of still quite boyish naked feet with meaty suckable toes! I touch these warm and a little sweaty player's feet with an intensive scratching from time to time. Janek is a little embarrassed what I do to him but he can't control it and the feedback is simply amazing - he is waggling and spreading these sexy toes in every possible direction! Nevertheless, there's no way to escape and young obedient footballer has to even keep his strong legs up and extremely straight so we can constantly watching sensitive soles fully displayed while being tormented for the first time in this young boy's life!

After a quite pleasant hand massage it's a time to give him a real tickling tortures. And there are two things which has to make this action even more painful and intensive. I spray a cold water directly on the bottoms of Janek's feet, I also use a lot of British softening gel and even Italian olive oil. Next I take a sharp pin-wheel and start teasing these ticklish soles ever more! Young footballer truly seems to be living it: pain, irritation, fear, laugh, embarrassment. If he wants to be paid it is still not allowed to move his feet even for a while and we can see from Janek's face and hands that is getting more and more unbearable to him. But it goes on and on. I check entire soles of this poor boy's feet with a pin-wheel. There are some extremely sensitive spots mostly in the toes area, including the spaces between them. And of course I scratch them really strongly!

As I mentioned in many descriptions of my previous clips with Polish footballers, for some reasons they are always interestingly obedient when it comes to their feet. And next they are really surprised that it can be so difficult to have bare feet tormented for such a long time... But that's always a bit too late, isn't that?

Starring: Janek

Runtime: 15 minutes

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