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Cut straight boy's feet tortured with many tools!
It's been a long day for 21-years-old straight student Denis. After pleasant pedicure procedure he's already had I decided to do the most painful video next - a very hard bastinado, the first one in Denis' short life. That recent pedicure treatment made his feet smooth and greatly softened. I have no doubts that it's the best time to torture them as much as possible.

So now Denis is stripped to his shorts with his bare feet strongly tied-up to a chair and perfectly displayed. I start spanking his sensitive soles with a wide wooden spoon. Young brave boy tries to take it like a man but his loud moans are more than audible. Even though that str8 guy is suffering a lot I notice that he has very tender heels so I want to spank them even harder. It's so funny - they always think their heels are made of stone but with a few hard slaps they are truly crying!

Poor boy is dancing in a pain agony but the only relief I can offer is... a triple pin-wheel to massage these vulnerable soles with no mercy! For sure, the more beaten his feet are, the more ticklish they become. Soon we can hear the most common Polish word 'kurva' (fuck!). Anyway, I keep on torturing these sexy feet harshly - with a spoon, pin-wheel and tough cardboard roll as well.

But another tool is even worse. Denis' feet are mercilessly beaten with a horrific silicon spatula. It's obvious that this boy is in a real hell but his foot-pain punishment must be continued. Next I take the worst thing ever - a piece of solid garden hose... Sorry boy, I know it hurts a lot but you should know - straight boys' feet are created for being beaten with no mercy!


Starring: Denis, Lukasz

Runtime: 26 minutes

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