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Swimmer's feet are cleaned, tickled and tortured with a hair dryer!
Karol is a really friendly straight boy that is only 19yrs. He's not only student but also a good swimmer. I decided to clean his wide sexy feet but I completely didn't suppose how sensitive male feet can be. As a result, the standard pedicure and drying procedure became an unbearable torments for this cute guy.

He is sitting on the table shirtless, only with a thin black socks and tracksuit trousers on. I take these smelly socks on and give them straight to Karol's embarrassed face so he has to sniff them and even keep them in a mouth. Almost immediately he goes to a tickling hell, with my first touch of his extra smooth bare soles. Young swimmer is laughing a lot, showing us a perfect smile and healthy white teeth. Then I start cleaning these sensitive feet, starting from the left one and using a rough kitchen sponge. Every inch of Karol's soles is properly scrubbed and poor boy reacts incredibly, simply dancing on that plain wooden table, gasping strongly. I also want to clean the ticklish spaces between every his toes what takes this young swimmer to a tickling agony and I am even a bit afraid that he's soon going to pass out. But this crazy pedicure is not over yet! Next I take a sharp plastic brush and these soft soles are scratched extremely strong, with no mercy, until they gets red. The last tool that must be used with an unbelievably tormenting result is a tough pumice stone.

What should happen next? Of course I have to dry these wide sensitive feet properly. I want to do it not with a towel but with an extremely hot air… I need to keep Karol's legs really strongly when I touch his sore soles with a hot hair dryer. Vulnerable guy is screaming and moaning but I don't care. After all I continue tickling young straight boy's feet that are really warm and clean now.


Starring: Karol, Lukasz

Runtime: 28 minutes

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