HD video added on 1st February 2020

Straight guy - real daddy - lost his anal virginity in a very painful way!
Even if you've already seen all my previous kinky videos with amateur straight guys exposing their feet and intimate parts for an intense playing I'm very sure you'll be greatly surprised and amazed with that special video clip.

After doing a deep and proper enema to Emil's ass I decided to fuck his virgin hole even harder - this time using my three fingers as well as a solid wide anal plug. Poor young father is stripped naked from the beginning and undoubtedly he is more than scared what will happen next. And it all is coming very soon… I play with his extremely tight arsehole with my fingers, using only a drop of lube. Emil is begging for mercy and it's visible it hurts him a lot but he is perfectly aware that it all is for vain. Instead of giving him a break I take a solid anal plug and the painful pegging procedure is being continued.

Honestly, I've never penetrated straight guy's anus so intensively. What's more, I paid a special attention to Emil's feet and it so sexy to see them dancing skywards with his toes moving rapidly whilst his anus is mercilessly pegged. Another guy's virginity has just been sold - this time in a very painful way.

Please be warned - this video is not suitable for those tender-hearted.


Starring: Emil, Lukasz

Runtime: 17 minutes

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