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Teenage boy's butthole is being perfectly cleaned!
Young and really cute Polish volleyball player Szymek has never had any male on male contact before. For some completely earthbound reasons he agreed on having his hot virgin hole and meaty feet properly cleaned by gay hands - and I am going to do it in the most possibly humiliating and really intense, even a bit painful way!

Szymek is stripped completely naked in a bath tube on all his fours with his hairy ass and big ticklish feet perfectly exposed. I start instilling six bigger doses of cold water deeply into his very tight boyish rectum. It's obvious that obedient volleyball player doesn't like it at all - just see those funny and rapid uncontrolled moves he makes with his toes!

I completely don't care whether he enjoys it or not - this extremely humiliating and stressful cleaning procedure must be continued. Szymek is told to sit on a toilet bowl - and then on a stool, with his wet butthole widely opened and throbbing nicely, trying to pump everything out.

Undoubtedly this is really stressful and completely degrading situation for this unexperienced straight teenage boy but my the only aim is to have his resistant virgin anus perfectly clean - for the next 'pleasant moments'.


Starring: Szymek

Runtime: 12 minutes

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