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Cute straight guy has to stretch his tight hole and lick own sweaty feet!
19 years old Szymek is a real Polish volleyball player, he's extra cute boy but completely out of money. If he's willing to earn now, my conditions are simple. I want to see him in the most humiliating positions for a young heterosexual guy.

He starts posing smartly dressed but soon he's ordered to take the clothes off. When Szymek is bare chested he plays with his nipples. It's not pleasant at all but it's just the beginning of this crazy degrading shooting. Soon he takes heavy boots off as well as worn black smelly socks. In that way I can finally see Szymek's big feet perfectly exposed, with tender soles stretched in front of my camera. Obedient boy knows quite well what I'd like to see - he does his best and massage his feet for our pleasure and next he starts sucking his own toes, one by one. To humiliate him even more, he's ordered also to lick those stinky spaces between his toes. Szymek is aware that if he refuses - he won't be paid.

Soon young boy is completely naked, playing with his uncut cock on a table. His legs are constantly in the air so we can see his rapid toes reflexes. I think I've never seen straight sphincter so widely stretched. And to humiliate that volleyball player even more, I keep on ordering him to spread it even wider! Szymek is in a non-stop pain but he works hardly and we can see that virgin anus incredibly opened, with his own fingers. Of course I pay a special attention to these huge ticklish feet. For the better view, I spray them with a lot of cold water and next I focus on them with my camera.

I have no doubts that it's the most humiliating and really degrading shooting that any young straight boy could take part in. But we love seeing it, don't we?


Starring: Szymek

Runtime: 25 minutes

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