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'Quite' sophisticated tortures for already beaten str8 waiter's feet...
The last severe bastinado for young Karol is just the beginning of severe punishment for tender waiter's feet! Looking at this poor trembling boy, who was not even trying to hide those crying eyes and dropping tears caused by already received foot punishment, suddenly I came up with another horrible idea - creating brand new 'shoes' for hard-working waiter. I completely didn't care that after that harsh bastinado Karol simply looked like a newly born fawn trying to stay still for the first time in his already started life. I told him that it must be much easier to get up… only if he puts the PROPER SHOES on!

I gave him four empty cans from a beer and that plastic adherent tape. He was made to stomp at each sharp can with his simply sore and purple bare feet which were so greatly hot when I touched them. I wanted to see these cans perfectly squished - but only with crying boy's feet. I still don't know how it was possible but he succeed, even though I saw that poor boy was almost about to pass out… 'Okay, but it's still not done' I explained seriously. 'Now let's take the tape and you must stick these hurting flattened soles made of steel strongly to the bottoms of your sweaty feet. I want you to use two cans per each foot, go on!'. I was so good to allow him to do it sitting on the floor but immediately he finished taking these new 'orthopedic shoes' on I commanded him to stand up, with no single helping hands and I warned him it's the condition to go further with that shooting.

It was so cruelly amazing picture - Karol's desperate attempts to stay still and even walk for a while! After enjoying the final result of my brand new torture technique invented that evening I started hearing his hopeless moans, an authentic pleas to let him take these 'hurting waiter's shoes' off. Well, I decided to show him how did my compassion really look like...


Starring: Karol, Lukasz

Runtime: 6 minutes

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