video added on 27th June 2019

Endless tortures for already sore waiter's feet!
In the previous video you could see harsh bastinado of young waiter's sensitive feet. But it was just the first part of that severe foot torture session I planned for Karol. After horrifically painful attempts to stand barefoot on a few sharp beer cans - and even walk with these crazy 'shoes' on I decided to show him all my compassion.

'Okay, Karol. I know it must be too much even for such a strong and unbreakable sporty guy like you. You can take it off now but only on condition you will show us how much you are enjoying a specific massage of your extremely sore soles next. Take these cans quickly and let's stand barefoot on these hundreds of sharp bottle caps scattered about especially for you here!'

He was so agonized that it was just a question of some seconds to see Karol authentically passed out. However, I truly enjoyed hearing these abysmal begs for mercy every time I told him 'go back on these massaging caps right now!' Could you imagine that extreme foot pain that poor waiter Karol had to endure? I think that his face says everything:)


Starring: Karol, Lukasz

Runtime: 7 minutes

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