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Straight guy - real daddy - does his best to suck a cock for the first time ever!
Undoubtedly it's always great and thrilling time to be sucked by a well-experienced cock sucker. However, having a virgin straight male mouth widely opened and ready to be used for the first time ever - it excites me much more!

I don't know why, but somehow I managed to convince real young daddy Emil to suck my dick properly. I am more than sure it's been the first time he works with his lips and tongue in that way. That always surprises me a lot - they describe themselves being totally heterosexual but when it comes to a blowjob - they do it probably much better than their female partners!

Anyway, I want to humiliate poor Emil even more. So he has to blow me not only in a very vulnerable position (on all his fours, with a asshole greatly exposed for me) but I also use my fingers to play with that anus and - of course - with his incredibly sensitive soles. Do you think Emil's girlfriend would be proud of the hidden skills of her beloved one?


Starring: Emil, Lukasz

Runtime: 12 minutes

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