video added on 12th October 2019

Intense foot tickling for shy real young daddy!
27-years-old straight man Emil has contacted me lately asking about any opportunity to earn some quick money. A few months ago he unexpectedly became a daddy (for the first time) and as he's unemployed, he needs to be paid urgently. So of course he might get my helping hand - I am always more than happy to see another straight broken guy in my collection.

Shy young daddy is sitting on the bed with his shoes and socks on. Soon he must obediently follow my orders and show off his meaty (and a bit sweaty) bare feet to the camera. Naive guy thought it would be enough just to take the boots and socks off but of course it couldn't be so easy! When I discovered how ticklish are Emil's feet I decided to torment them as hard as only possible. To make them sensitive even more I spray his tender soles with a lot of cold water. Then I tickle his feet in a very intense way. Instead of even the shortest break (that Emil is constantly asking for) I take a sharp fork to torment young daddy's feet even more! After some time poor boy is completely broken and very exhausted. Well, I am sure that Emil couldn't even suppose how ticklish his meaty feet really are.


Starring: Emil, Lukasz

Runtime: 18 minutes

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