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10th June 2022

Not shy at all but anyway, Vadim is a little blocked when it comes to gay-on-gay work. Surprisingly, during his first foot worship video he's came into the role authentically and started torturing my face and mouth with no mercy using his sweaty feet - socked and of course barefoot. I've been licking soldier's soles and sucking his toes as much as possible. There's nothing better that being dominated with such a sexy male feet of a real Ukrainian soldier:) New worship video has been added!
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5th June 2022

What a handsome guy he is! 25-years-old former Ukrainian soldier came to Poland some time ago but he still isn't sure would he soon be called to come back there to fight. It's amazing that in spite of having heavy military boots on for so much time Vadim still keeps his feet in great condition, visibly smooth with beautiful manly toes and nails. Luckily for us, this real Ukrainian soldier decided to be another model for the site. And I'm more than sure you don't mind he hasn't got exactly Polish boy's feet, as the site is named. If all Ukrainian guys have such a sexy feet as Vadim - I will focus on them as well!

23th May 2022

Already finger-fucked, anally massaged with his bare feet greatly exposed. But now poor heterosexual boy Stas must be pegged even harder also with a wide anal-plug. This young guy will be completely humiliated in the most degrading way! Second, final part of intense anal massage with bare feet displayed has just been added.

11th May 2022

I have just decided to record entire shooting session so you can see Kelvin doing his best to entertain us with his awesome feet and tight virgin boy hole greatly exposed at the same time! In that foot-fetish video you have a chance to see vulnerable Kelvin displaying his feet well and also his tight virgin hole perfectly exposed. New making-off video already added!

22nd April 2022

Probably this is the best find I've had for a very long time. 19-years-old straight boy Jonas is simply gorgeous, young, handsome brunette with beautiful blue eyes that show something very mysterious and even inaccessible. But the most important thing are his feet - the most sweaty and smelly male ones I've ever had in front of my camera! New photo set with that stunningly sexy candidate already added. Special offer for members - you can get these sweaty socks and shoes for yourself!

20th March 2022

There's nothing more humiliating for a heterosexual and even a bit homophobic young boy than having his naked body including tight virgin boyhole totally exposed for our kinky pleasure! Today poor boy Stas has to take it all. Knowing how much he's desperate I want to torture Stas' anus as much as possible looking at his bare feet uncontrollably moving whilst that horrific anal agony:-)
New long 'straight-hot-ass' video already added!

6th March 2022

Such a lovely heterosexual blond boy decided to be another model in my collection! 19-years-old Kelvin claims being straight but once I told him to pull his underwear down I could see his great natural erection - really huge cock! Well, I swear Kelvin is simply so young and unexperienced boy who can't be inert when it comes to his intimate parts of body being completely exposed. Stripped totally naked, barefoot, boyish penis shown off and even his tight hole on a full display - another young Polish boy has been checked in the way we like the most!



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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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