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19th March 2023

This young handsome man came to Poland some time ago but he used to be an authentic Ukrainian soldier there and he's really experienced in all these things that no one would like to be... However, hoping for a better life here Vadim must face another new experience - to be a foot-fetish heterosexual model for a gay audience willing to enjoy real soldier's perfect feet - in many high-res close ups! In this new documentary video you can see this exceedingly handsome young guy trying his best to present every inch of his very masculine and greatly shaped sexy feet in the first barefoot shooting.
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13th February 2023

Straight boy Michas is 20-years-old and undoubtedly he's the owner of the most ticklish and sensitive feet I've ever tormented:) Also, he's really intelligent and bright student so he looks greatly with his glasses on. With every shooting Michas is more and more eductated when it comes to showing off his sensitive feet and tight virgin arsehole so please enjoy another photo set with that young sexy boy in all his glory!

27th January 2023

Today I want to play with cute straight boy Kelvin in a more erotic way. Knowing how sensitive and sensual is his fine smooth body I strip him to sexy white boxers and ask to jump on a table on all his fours with round boyish butt and bare ticklish soles perfectly displayed. I start massaging Kelvin's genitals, paying special attention to his big and extremely tender balls. I love watching straight boys' feedback to any kind of manual contact by clutching their feet or wiggling toes uncontrollably and this obedient teenager feels my intense massage perfectly and reacts exactly in that way. How far will Kelvin go?:-) New very erotic video with Kelvin has just been added!

26th December 2022

As we all have a really cold weather outside - I'm sending the warmest hugs and kisses to all PBF friends from the United States! - there's nothing better than spending that special time with a very hot and handsome Santa's Little Helper;) Young heterosexual Jonas confessed he loves winter holidays' atmosphere so I invited him for a special shooting. I think his handsome face, great-looking body, big meaty feet and hairy genitals are the best present you can find underneath the Christmas tree!

24th December 2022

In spite of being barely 18, heterosexual Jonas is not only really handsome young man but he has a very serious and responsible attitude to adult life. He wasn't the best student at school but now he wants to finish the course, pass the exam and starts working as a professional barber. However, with a face of movie star, great body, big sexy feet and constantly hard cock I'm going to broaden his horizons and invited him to my 'private hairstyle studio' - to take advantage of Jonas in the most kinky way! New video with Jonas groped, stripped naked, made to sniff his smelly socks and trainers, shaved in a humiliating way - added!

17th December 2022

Sometimes I wonder what young heterosexual guys do really think about that our strong, kinky fancy to their feet and to everything that it concerns. This new boy Konrad has no idea about his first barefoot shooting but surprisingly he wants to present himself in the best possible way and he put his favorite and the most expensive pair of trainers, Air Vapormax. They look great on Konrad's feet but I also love an amazing aroma of his sweaty white fine socks. And no doubts, these smooth sexy feet (very ticklish indeed!) are the most perfect ones I've seen for quite a long time. That's always a great thing to enjoy bare male feet in that special 'medium' stadium - between boyish teenage look aiming to rather adult foot masculinity.

10th December 2022

Today I take cute straight boy Michas to the bathroom to record him having a long and relaxing bathtime but it's not just a typical shower. Michas is ordered to clean himself properly and expose every inch of his great teenage body, genitals and of course - these smooth sensitive feet! Kinky video already uploaded - now all new clips also in mp4 format (the most mobile friendly) and in two resolutions!

3rd December 2022

Even though my country has already qualified to 1/8 World Football Championship I'm not very proud of the national team. No doubt the biggest (and the only) hero on the field is our goalkeeper. So today I'd like to present you another photo set of Milosz - authentic goalkeeper from one of the local Polish football teams. In the opinion of many PBF members, he has not only handsome face and great sporty body but Milosz' big talented feet are simply the best on the site - long suckable toes, perfectly shaped, smooth soles and last but definitely not least - the greatest tops I've ever photograped! Therefore in this update I pay special attention to Milosz' toes and tops - almost 200 high-res photos added!



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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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